Chick Corea Elektric Band Reunion Europe Tour Summer 2017 – London, U.K. Venue: The Barbican

Saturday June 24th. Show Day London, U.K. Venue: The Barbican

I love the Barbican. It is one of those wonderful stages that you look out from and the theater sprawls out before you. I love the way guitar sounds through the PA here….can’t wait. London audiences are clearly excited because the tickets sold out over 2 months before the show!

Sound check at The Barbican in London, UK.

Sound check on the song Alan Corday, one of the most challenging tunes in the set.

sound check continues at The Barbican in London, U.K.

Showtime! Sold out at The Barbican. Thank you London!! Here’s a cool review of the show too.

Chick and the guys blasting away during my solo on Got A Match?

Deeply attentive and enthusiastic crowd in London!! Fantastic and fun show. As good as it gets this audience was.


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