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What will I learn in these videos??

Firstly, I’m delighted that you’re here! Learning music and studying new concepts will enrich your playing dramatically. My desire is for YOU to all become better players, but more than that, I really desire for YOU to be literate players. It’s so important that YOU feel confident that you will get the best quality, correct and stimulating guitar music information from me always! Being a literate and educated player DOES NOT mean you have to sacrifice your FEEL!!. So, to help inspire you and get the ball rolling, I’m offering you these 4 FREE videos that will spark your imagination. I will give you some ideas and concepts that YOU can use immediately. I will describe them in more detail below…again, I’m really happy to have you here. FG

In Video #1 I will show you some cool extended pentatonic shapes and how to play a great blues solo using just patterns from the 6 notes of the blues scale dispersed over various octaves to really make a small amount to information go a LONG way! Also I’ll show you how to mix Major and Minor Pentatonics. Real magic begins to appear in your playing when you mix both these together in your playing. I’ll also talk about the Tritone Guide Tones…you’re gonna love that!

In Video #2 I’ll show you some cool-sounding double stops, an absolute must to round out YOUR playing and Hybrid Pentatonics…NEW pentatonics…how cool is that??? I’ll also touch on Chromaticism over the Blues. Why not use ALL the notes and not just the scale tones…(yes please!!). All 12 notes are possible if you know how to use them, and I will show you how so that YOU can use them too!

In Video #3 I will show you some Rhythm guitar ideas. Remember, in the real world, we will be playing rhythm guitar probably more than lead guitar so, for a well-rounded literate YOU, it is essential to learn some cool rhythm guitar stuff. I’ll also show you how to play some notes that are not inside the normal blues playing, some “outside” playing with a very easy to follow concept. YOU will be able to do it too in NO time and be inspired to improvise your own ideas.

In Video #4 I will show you how YOU can be included in the EARLY-BIRD promotion which will give you a VERY good chance of winning one of two incredible prizes. The FIRST PRIZE is a beautiful Carvin/Kiesel Frank Gambale FG1 guitar, the very one that you will see in the video. The SECOND PRIZE is a DV Mark Multiamp FG (Special Edition). This amp is amazing!
These prizes are only available to the folks who register to the website in the EARLY-BIRD period. The clock is ticking!!!

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Quotes on Frank

Grammy winning guitar virtuoso, Frank Gambale, exploded on the L.A. scene in the early 80s. His meteoric rise to fame is a testament to his passion powered playing style "Rolling Stone Magazine" calls "ferocious"!

Gambale is the the undisputed genius who originated the sweep picking technique and elevated it to a precise art form now standard in the guitar lexicon. The 'Gambale Sweep Picking Technique' continues to inspire generations of musicians. Jazz, rock, metal and prog artists alike are united in their awe of Frank as oth an amazing technician and an unsurpassed musician.

As jazz legend, Chick Corea, describes Frank 'He is one of the most incredible guitarists on the planet. Everything he touches with his guitar turns gold, always has.' While John McLaughlin's tongue-in-cheek response to his finesse is 'I'd like to cut his hands off.'

A musician's musician, gifted composer, brilliant innovator and author of numerous instructional books and DVDs, Frank continues to reach unprecedented sonic and technical heights. His six string prowess and seemingly limitless vision point towards an exciting future of ground breaking music.

Whether Gambale is touring the world with his Fusion Jazz Trio, the Natural High Trio, his new vocal group Soulmine, or joining forces in an iconic jazz super group, Frank continues to amaze audiences around the world.

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