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Thank you for being here. The Blues course you now have access to was three years in the making. It takes you right from the beginning fundamentals through all stages up to advanced concepts. All player levels will find this course engaging. I’m very proud of it and I’m confident that you will find lots of incredible “gems” of information studded throughout the 10.5 hours. Take your time, don’t rush, there’s no hurry, learn at your own pace and repeat sections as often as you’d like. This is the first of many course to come. Dive in, and enjoy the journey that Spicing Up The Blues will take you on. When you finish I’m certain you will be a much more aware and creative blues guitar player than when you began this course.

Honestly though, it is support from you, my dear and eager guitar players, that makes these course's available.
Thank you for your support.

Frank Gambale


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Spicing Up The Blues. Take your Blues to the highest level with the course that is unlike any other you will find. This fantastic course, from one of the finest guitarists in the world today, who is not only a great guitarist, but an inspiring teacher who has done seminars and master classes all over the world in colleges, universities and music schools. His vast knowledge and skill are for you to take and enjoy. Learning is the gift that keeps on giving and it’s the greatest gift that you can give to yourself.

'Spicing Up The Blues' In More Detail.....

Part One: Standard and Extended Pentatonic Shapes

Part 1 Running time : 01:08:59

The Blues scale just works!!!  With a little calculated manipulation it will work over just about anything! Cool huh? Yes, and that’s why an untold number of guitarists the world over earn their daily bread playing the s*%t out of it.

In Section 1 you will learn the fundamental shapes that you will need to know for you to become a Blues guitar legend…

All examples are in the key of A.

You will learn Minor Pentatonic in one hand positions ( no need to move ) and the cool “extended” Minor Pentatonic shapes that covers three octaves. They are both essential and useful. Then you will learn Blues Scale shapes in one hand position and the Extended Blues Scale Shapes.

You will also learn some pentatonic sequence ideas and how to make variations of the pentatonic notes.

You will also learn an amazing Blues solo using only 6 notes and 2 fingers!

Part Two: Mixing Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales

Part 2 Running time : 41:25

Expand your fretboard playing universe in Part 2 with the amazing gem of information “Mixing Major and Minor Pentatonic and Blues”. Blues loves both Major and Minor Pentatonics/Blues scales. This section will show you that they are both exactly the same shape, but more importantly, how they relate to one another!!!
You will learn how to combine Major and Minor Pentatonics and Major and Minor Blues scales with amazing results.

Part Three: Tritone Guide Tones

Part 3 Running time : 24:05

This section shares an absolutely priceless INFORMATIONAL GEM! This gem shows the magic of the tritone, the interval between the 3rd and the b7 of the dominant chords of the Blues. You will also learn how they can be used as guide tones to make you sound like an instant pro Blues player. The first steps towards Spicing Up The Blues.

Part Four: Double Stops

Part 4 Running time : 38:25

This section focuses on DOUBLE-STOPS which means playing 2 notes at the same time. There are a lot of cool licks in the Blues that have double stops! Frank demonstrates some of the intervals that are often used over a Blues chord progression. These examples are the coolest musical examples to learn that will take your musicality to a whole new level. You are now really on the road to Spicing Up The Blues.

Part Five: Minor Blues Progression

Part 5 Running time : 33:01

This section focuses on the MINOR BLUES. The Minor Blues uses all minor chords instead of the usual dominant 7 chords.
This Minor Blues progression often sounds more “blue” than the usual dominant 7 based blues progression.
Frank demonstrates by example. He shares some incredible blues solos that are a must.
Frank also shares a fundamental Blues concept that is vital to be understood to play the Blues authentically.
You are now truly Spicing Up The Blues.

Part Six: Hybrid Pentatonics.

Part 6 Running time : 01:02:55

This section reveals some all-new Pentatonic Scales. They’re called Hybrid Pentatonics.
Frank shares these fresh sounding pentatonics with you that he uses when he is Spicing Up The Blues!

These are so cool you will wonder how you lived without them.

Part Seven: Blues Chromaticism.

Part 7 Running time : 38:54

In this chapter the focus in on CHROMATICISM in the Blues. The Blue note is the b5th of the scale. That is well established in the Blues. Frank, in the interest of Spicing Up The Blues, will open your eyes to realizing that really, any note will work if it’s done right in passing! This section is really Spicing Up The Blues.

Part Eight: Rhythm Guitar

Part 8 Running time : 01:36:34

n this section the focus is on playing Blues Rhythm Guitar. A lot of emphasis is placed on soloing and the single line these days but, in reality, most of the time guitar players are required to play rhythm guitar. In this section Frank demonstrates essential Blues rhythm guitar examples. The exercises start simply and then progressively more complex. Spicing Up Your Rhythm Guitar playing is a vital part of becoming a Blues guitar hero.

Part Nine: Blues Song Riffs.

Part 9 Running time : 01:06:10

In this section the focus is on 12-Bar Song Riffs. So many songs have been based on this type of idea. This section is an important extension of the Blues Rhythm Guitar in the previous section. The difference is that these examples are actually riffs that act as the rhythmic and melodic basis under the melody of songs. These example will no-doubt inspire your own Blues songs.

Part Ten: The b5 Passing Chord.

Part 10 Running time : 01:10:54

In this section the focus is on SPICING UP THE BLUES!. For those of you who have mastered the material so far and are hungry to learn more…this section takes you to the notes outside the norm!!! Frank also introduced some new scale choices.

Frank demonstrates playing “outside” within the Blues. Blues purists will probably not approve while others will think it the coolest of all the sections. Whichever way you view it, it is definitely NOT boring. For those who are not afraid to take the Blues to new territory then this, and successive chapters are for you folks!

The INFORMATIONAL GEM contained in this section will inspire you into Spicing Up The Blues like never before, all based ironically, on the “b5th” passing chord.

Part Eleven: The b5 Diminished Passing Chord.

Part 11 Running time : 30:11

In this section the focus is on more notes outside the norm by adding a new diminished 7th passing chord in the 6th bar of the Blues.
This then gives us another scale to play to Spicing Up The Blues even further!!!
Frank demonstrates the scale shapes and then shares awesome musical examples.

Part Twelve: The Altered 5 Chord – Bar 12.

Part 12 Running time : 47:05

In this section the focus is on more notes outside the norm by adding an altered dominant chord in the very last bar of the 12 bar Blues progression!!!

Many players play an E7#9 at the end of the progression to turn the whole progression back around to the top without realizing the melodic and harmonic possibilities of these last 2 beats or even the whole last bar of the Blues progression.
Frank shows you what’s possible in a musical and enlightening way Spicing Up The Blues to the max!

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