Chick Corea Elektric Band Reunion Europe Tour Summer 2017

Tuesday Jun 20th, 2017.

Tour starts. Excited to play with the guys again, Chick, John, Dave and Eric and see the crew again too.
First show is in Wroclaw ( pronounced Vrotswov ) in Poland.
Flew LAX to Frankfurt. Flight was late leaving LAX so missed my connection ( off to a good travel
start ;o) I ended up on the next flight out after 5 hour layover in Frankfurt.
It was cool because Dave and Eric were on the same flight from Frankfurt.
Arrived after 2am on the day of the show….so much for chillin’ and doing some practice and warming up for the gig!!!

Thursday June 22nd. Show day Wroclaw, Poland. Venue: Hala Orbita

First show was in a sports stadium called Hala Orbita. Here’s some pics of the venue;
Nice venue huh? Can’t wait to hear how the guitar sounds in here!!!

I brought my white Carvin – Kiesel FG-1. I love all my fancy wood versions of this guitar but this white painted one just looks terrific under the lights and you can spot it a mile away!!

Using my DV Mark amps. Two Special Edition MultiampFGs and my FG speakers. This rig sounds awesome.

Last but certainly not least, my beautiful new signature acoustic guitar from Cort,
the Frank Gambale Luxe.

Soundcheck rehearsal goes well. Everyone comes prepared in this band because there is no real rehearsal for this ( not so easy ;o) music. Last time we played was in Asia back in March. Should be fine though…it’s like riding a bicycle right?

One more shot from the back of the stadium.

Cool shot from the mixing console. Bernie Kirsch is mixing house as he has for years with Chick.

The obligatory show selfie!!!

Great crowd for our first show of the tour! They were roaring. Thanks Wroclaw.

Great crowd in Wroclaw Poland.

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