Chick Corea Elektric Band Reunion Europe Tour Summer 2017 – Travel Day to London, UK

Friday June 23rd, 2017. Travel Day to London, UK

I wanted to get a few touristy pictures of Wroclaw. It’s a very beautiful city. Have a look at this beautiful square in the heart of the city.

OK. Sightseeing over. Time to move on to the next city, this time London U.K. Again the first flight is delayed in Wroclaw. We reach Frankfurt but need to wait 3 hours for another flight. Finally reach London around 11pm ( we left the hotel in Wroclaw at 11:30am ). We walk off the plane and up to London Heathrow passport control and there is literally 2,000 people in line in front of us!! Wow! Never seen anything like it! It took 2 hours and 15 minutes to get the passport officer in the cattle lines back and forth…ahh the joys of traveling folks. I always say “I get paid to do the traveling…the playing I do for free” Haha! We arrive at the beautiful Ned Hotel in central London, it’s 2am. Room service 24 hours
YES!!!! Then sleep per chance to dream!

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